Top Trends for a New Era of Wellness Travel

Top Trends for a New Era of Wellness Travel
Global Wellness Day this year is June 11th, just as we are getting back into travel. Wellness travel has been a growing trend for several years, and the pandemic has given a whole new perspective to what we think about wellness, self-care, and good living.

Travel plays a big part in a balanced lifestyle. As the Wellness Tourism Association explains, small changes and good new habits can have an impact on our health. And that’s where wellness travel can come in. More than 100 countries mark Global Wellness Day, and many have their own cultural contributions to self-care practices. Travellers looking for new inspiration can combine the spiritual lift of travel with new mental, physical, and spiritual practices at their sources.

Gone are the days when ‘wellness’ travel meant just a massage and yoga at your resort. Travel can be the first step towards an overall – and long term – healthier and overall improved life.
In the decade since the origins of Global Wellness Day, the World Tourism Association says new wellness travel have taken root. Here are some to think about when you’re planning your next trip – and want to include elements that will ensure you return home better than when you left.

The Return to Travel Prioritizes Wellness
Wellness and self-care are among the top interests of people as we get back into travel.The pandemic has reminded us of how important it is to take care of ourselves and to be well enough to face physical and mental challenges.

Wellness experiences are in high demand as travelers begin planning trips again.

You Can Skip the Spa
Some people live for a day – or longer – at the spa. But others may have avoided so-called ‘Wellness’ retreats because spas are not their thing.

Fear not. While spa treatments and established wellness center practices like yoga and massages remain popular and standard offerings, the wellness experience is expanding rapidly.
In particular, authentically-local practices drawn from historical, natural, or spiritual roots are ever-more in demand.

Embracing Nature
Increasingly, spending time in the natural world is being recognized as a major contributor to overall wellness. From international interest in the Japanese practice of ‘forest bathing’ to simply the tremendous growth in interest in hiking nature trails, the world is returning to its natural roots in pursuit of physical and spiritual wellness.

The World Tourism Association says spending time in nature is the practice most cited by wellness travelers in its surveys.

Small is Big
People have been getting more pro-active about their health, educating themselves about the science behind living well and staying well. According to the Wellness Tourism Association, that means they’re leaning into the learning’s that show how making small changes – and sticking with them- can lead to better health over the long term.

Those people are creating a demand for more wellness options, practices and training they can continue at home, and wellness-for-a-lifetime experiences they can begin on holiday and continue in their daily routines in real life.

Wellness is not a Luxury
In the past, wellness travel options have had the gloss of luxury – and luxury wellness isn’t going anywhere.

But if you thought of wellness travel as something for ‘ladies who lunch,’ you may be happy to learn that’s changing fast.

Many of today’s wellness travelers are looking for experiences and options that are inclusive and accessible to all fitness, and body types and budget levels.

That’s great news for everyone who wants to look towards a future where your travel dreams come true – and you’re exploring the world as your very best self.

Start Your Wellness Trip!

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